Wale Defends Rick Ross' Image

Wale Defends Rick Ross' Image
Wale stood up for the credibility of his Maybach Music cohort, Rick Ross. The D.C. rapper chastised those that can't see past Ross' past as a corrections officer and who brand the self-proclaimed 'Boss' a phony. Wale says that he's seen both sides of Ross' persona since the two have begun working together.
"That dude is a genius," Wale said, referring to Ross. "I don't care what anybody say. That's my brother. He's a genius. I've seen him work from the business side, I've seen him work on the street side. People don't know Ross, man. They think, 'Oh, C.O.' I know C.O.s, dog. The dude's gettin' the money doing that other thing. I know that! We come from that. I'm not by any means a trap dude, but I know that. My best friend doin' six, got six left to do...That's what the most important thing is: Someone that you can look them in the eye and say, 'I put my heart and soul into this album. I want you to put it out-- as is.' I never had that luxury."
"With my previous situation, people wanted the luxury to say, 'But you didn't do this, but you didn't do that,'" continued Wale. "They tell me 10 things, and I do nine of them, and when their plan didn't work, they blame it on the one thing I didn't do."


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