Cassie Discusses Her Style

Cassie Discusses Her Style
Cassie has been honing her style for years. Since she's not distracted by petty things like her thriving musical career, the singer took the time to discuss her fashion sense and its influence on her younger fans.
"[My style] is cool, fun, and me," Cassie explained in a recent interview. "I love Kate Moss, style wise. I love shopping. I love to mix it up. I love Balmain, Givemchy, but then, I can go crazy at Joyrich in LA or buy ten pairs of Jordans or buy all the men’s T-shirts at Zara and cut them up. It’s all about having fun and making things your own."
"I like to keep an effortless edge to everything I do," she added. "I think the kids get that, and that inspires them to do the same."


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