Chelsea Handler Denies 50 Cent Sex Tape

Chelsea Handler Denies 50 Cent Sex Tape
Talk show host Chelsea Handler is denying any rumors of a sex tape featuring her and her one-time boo-thang, rapper 50 Cent. Chelsea says you won't be seeing her and Fiddy gettin' it in any time soon.
"There's no sex tape," Handler said in an interview with Esquire. "There never was a sex tape. I know that you want there to be one, but there isn't. [You don't?] You do."
Handler and 50 had a well-publicized (over-publicized?) affair last year, when they were spotted at various hot spots around the country getting cozy. Handler played coy for a long time before finally admitting that the two did briefly have an intimate relationship.


Anonymous said…
They are both gross so who gives a s@&t!

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