Wale Wants To Talk To Lady Gaga

Wale Wants To Talk To Lady Gaga
Wale still has love for Lady Gaga. But he'd like to pick the brain of one of the most famous artists in the world; the D.C. rapper says it would be cool to talk to her about the business and how she sees it from her level.
But he says he has friends that are just impressed that they did a song together.
"My n*ggas always talk about that sh*t, especially the most muthaf*ckin' streets n*ggas," Wale explained in an interview. "They be like, 'You know you did a song with Lady Gaga, a real song.' It's cool, it's probably something that I'll probably use later to brag about. It's not much of an accolade if I work with somebody. I just wanna be respected for what I do...I don't even know if she talk to rappers -- It'd be cool to have a friend that was that famous and then she could tell me the weird sh*t that goes when you doing shows for a million dollars. I wanna know all the weird sh*t that goes on behind them contracts."


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