Common Discusses New LP

Common Discusses New LPl
Common has been hard at work on his upcoming Warner Bros debut album entitled The Dreamer, The Believer. The project is due November 22nd and features production work by Common's longtime collaborator No ID. The rapper shared that he feels the record will provide some positivity for hip hop fans.
"It's going to be positive hip-hop. Hip-hop that can really generate good spirit, the spirit of the music and just good energy," he said. "I'm excited about the album. I feel blessed that I got to work with No I.D. I'm enthused to do hip-hop, which is something that I have to do when I feel it."
"It's the spirit and energy of hip-hop that made you just enjoy it and love the music and not feel like, 'Man, is this gonna sell?' or 'I sold this many.' It's stuff that made you feel something, it's stuff that you can use that inspired your life. I think about hip-hop like Brand Nubian and KRS-One and N.W.A. and Rakim, that stuff inspired my life. Those things really shaped who I am."


Imani said…
I wish you had a "LOVE BUTTON" for this post. Common is the truth.

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