Pill Explains His Maybach Music Deal

Pill Explains His Maybach Music Deal
Atlanta rapper Pill has seen his profile raised since he joined Rick Ross' Maybach Music imprint. The rapper recently released his mixtape "The Diagnosis," and shared what his approach will be going forward now that he's affiliated with a major label.
"Its just basically me doing my same type of music with just a bigger look and a bigger stamp," Pill told AllHipHop. "Being that Ross got me over at Maybach Music, it's an all around good look and he just wants you to do you. Make sure you put out your music and he can give any type of input that he may feel that you may need, and he don't stop me from trying to do the type of music that I want to put out. I just continue to put out the type of music that I want to put out and that got me signed."
Pill also explained the track "Scotty Pippen, Tim Duncan."
"It just was basically trying to come up with some slang, as a reference to the trap like doing numbers or being numbers," he said. "Something besides going ham, because it seems as if everyone been going ham.... really hard, I was like ' well let me come out with something else right now'. So hopefully that will catch on just as much as the other one did too, but this time I will be credited."


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