Erykah Badu Denies D.O.C. Story

Erykah Badu Denies D.O.C. Story
Singer/songwriter Erykah Badu has responded to comments made by rapper D.O.C. claiming that the two were in a serious romantic relationship. D.O.C. said that he was living with Badu and that they were planning to film a reality show about their life together. He also claimed that they were planning to marry someday.
Badu's representatives have denied those claims.
"Erykah Badu and The D.O.C. share parental responsibilities for their daughter and their relationship as it regards that aim is very good," said Paul Levatino, general manager and spokesman for her company, Badu World. "Erykah has no plans to marry or have any sort of courtship with the D.O.C."
"Ms. Badu has no plans to allow a reality show to be filmed in her private Dallas residence or to include any of her children in the filming," he continued. "Ms. Badu has no concrete plans further than a guest appearance in his reality show. The D.O.C.'s comments were either taken out of context, improperly interpreted, or reflective of his now, not-so-secret desires. Whatever the case, Erykah wishes D.O.C. well both spiritually and professionally."


Kellz said…
What I hate is when people don't read thoroughly. The key word in DOC's comment is "were", which means it was in the past. Of course they were in some type of relationship, they have daughter together. In regards to their relationship status now it doesn't seem as if he was referring to that..
Anonymous said…
I love how she's taking the usual high road & not saying what she wants to. What my fellow texan wanted to say was "I don't know what the hell this nigga is talking about. Either he or his interviewer need to get their shit together because there's no way I'm dealing with his ass outside of our daughter. " lol! On a seperate note...cant wait 4 her to drop installment 3 of her trilogy new amerykah.

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