Kanye West Joins Prince Onstage

Kanye West Joins Prince Onstage
Rap superstar Kanye West joined musical legend Prince onstage during the Purple One's concert at Way Out West 2011 in Sweden. Prince was performing his classic 1987 tune "If I Was Your Girlfriend" when West came onstage.
Kanye led the crowd in a call-and-response and had the entire audience waving their hands.
Kanye has been promoting Watch the Throne, his collaborative album with Jay-Z, which hit stores last week.


Anonymous said…
He always trying to upstage someone. How did Prince feel about it? It's not like he needed any help on stage.
Simply Aurie said…
Prince is as much of an asshole as Kanye. I'm surprised Prince didn't womp womp his ass off the stage like he did Kim Kardashian.
Anonymous said…
Y don't u stop hateing on kanye, every time kanye does his thing he kills it, he prolly made prince show a lil better.
Anonymous said…
i'mma let you finish, but prince's show was the greatest of all time! of all time!
Imani said…
Two musical geniuses on stage....nuff said.

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