Jazzy Jeff Talks Fresh Prince's Return

Jazzy Jeff Talks Fresh Prince's Return
Reports of rapper-turned-actor Will Smith returning to hip hop were amplified after Smith made an appearance in his hometown of Philadelphia to pay tribute to Philly rap pioneer Lady B. The former Fresh Prince's partner-in-crime, DJ Jazzy Jeff, shared a little information regarding Smith's new music.
"The creative juices are going," Jeff told AllHipHop. "He was actually supposed to pop up with me at a few tour dates and I know he's prepping for a new movie, but he showed up at Lady B's show in Philly, he showed up and got up and rocked and I was really disappointed I couldn't be there. It was kind of like me and Doug E got a fast food job and only one of us could call out and Doug E called out before I did, and it hurt because it was in my hometown, but Will did "Brand New Funk," "Summertime," "La Di Da Di," so we chipping away, he wants to do it."
It was revealed earlier this summer that Smith has begun recording new music.


valerie wilson said…
I love the both of you. I do remember haning out at the Platue listing to music dancing having a great time. Wish you guys could support my efforts to reach out to so many men here in philly who are looking for a better way then living on the streets or dealing with addictions and meantal health issues.
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