Nicki Minaj On "Ice Age 4."

Nicki Minaj On
Nicki Minaj explained how she landed a role in the upcoming kiddie flick Ice Age 4. The rapper said that she loves animation and her knack for goofy voices played a huge part in her getting the audition.
"My agency sent me out on an audition for some people who really wanted to hear me," Nicki says. "They knew I loved animation, they knew I loved to do voices and I thought, 'Oh, my God this is amazing.'"
"The original role that I was up for I didn’t get and so I said, ‘well, okay whatever’. I was really mad and then next thing you know they called me and said, 'You know what? We actually wrote in a part just for you because we really want you to be a part of this movie,'" she continued. "I was just screaming and so excited and I went in and I had a blast. I was doing my voiceover and I did it as two different voices and I basically said ‘listen, I’m going to do every line in two different voices and you decided which character you want. So yeah, they were amazing and we’ll see what happens."


Anonymous said…
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