Amber Rose Vs VH1

Amber Rose Vs. VH1?
There were reports earlier this year that model/Wiz Khalifa boo-thang Amber Rose would be landing her own VH1 reality show. But the show never materialized. VH1 claimed they pulled the offer off of the table, but Rose is now saying that the show didn't happen because she didn't want it to.
"It sucks because it makes me look like I’m a liar, but I’m not," Rose said. "It was the fact that I didn’t like how they were going about doing my show. And a lot of times in TV, you know, they want you to be a certain way that you’re not. And I’m not the way that they wanted me to be, so I decided not to go with them. So when it came out and they said, you know, ‘we’re not having a show with Amber,’ it wasn’t them telling me….. it was me telling them."
Who do you believe?


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