Bow Wow Talks Fatherhood

Bow Wow Talks Fatherhood
Bow Wow opened up in a recent interview about his new experiences as a father. The former teen rapper says having a daughter has made him a better man, but he's very nervous about raising his child in the spotlight.
"Fatherhood is beautiful, know what I mean? I can't complain, it made me a better rapper, and a better man," Bow Wow told SOHH. "It made me see life differently. Clearly. It made me turn into a man overnight. I love it. It gets kinda difficult to [spend time in public] because fatherhood is kinda the hot story that's around me right now, everybody wants to know [about us]. I was out in L.A. and everybody's trying their best to get pictures of my daughter, so you know, it's not easy."
Be glad that people care, Bow Wow.


Anonymous said…
Why the hell should Bow Wow care about wether society wants 2 know or not about his daughter? That's the problem now with society! These entertainers are exactly that, ENTERTAINERS!! They only owe u their craft & that is it!! Nothing more, society has became 2 gung ho on celebrities personal lives! Get a FUCKIN grip & relax & worry about Ur own personal life & leave these people alone!!

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