Kanye West played a big role in Kid Cudi

Apparently Kanye West played a big role in Kid Cudi getting himself together emotionally during his brief hiatus from the spotlight. Cudi's 2010 dramas are well-documented; arrested for assault, arrested for drugs, an infamous drunken video clip, a semi-beef with Wale. But it turns out the most painful thing Cudi was going through was a breakup.

The Cleveland native says that his G.O.O.D. buddy Kanye West helped him get over the heartache of losing his girl.
"I was at another place, another dark place," Cudi says in an interview with Complex. "Me and my girl had broken up. I wasn’t fully healed yet. And being around Kanye and music was my escape. He’s a sober guy, he has a drink every once in a while, but seeing how he throws himself into the studio when he’s stressing about something, I totally admire that. Being around that was therapy for me."
And the good news? Cudi and his ex are now back together.
Gotta love happy endings.


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