Rick Ross Is Feeling Himself Via XXL

Rick Ross is feeling pretty good about himself. As the Miami superstar preps his upcoming album, he revealed that he is not lacking for confidence in his ability to dominate the rap game. Ross told XXL that he's no longer content to be second to anyone in hip hop.
"I'm enjoying my last few moments at No. 2," Ross says. "It's like I'm watching the No. 1 man on stage, my legs crossed, I'm smoking big, hollering at the b*tches in the crowd. And this album gonna do it. I got the formula."
He does seem to have something. The rapper has released hit album after hit album in the last five years.
But humility? He's not interested in that right now. At all.
"Everybody on my d*ck," he says, "Like they supposed to be."


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