Consequence Squashes Kanye Beef

Consequence says that his feud with former G.O.O.D. Music associate Kanye West is over. He said the two finally had words, aired their grievances and finally put the nonsense behind them. While it seems he still has bad blood with 'other people' (ahem--Q-Tip), he says he and West are all good now.
"I got a couple of updates," Cons said in an interview. "Me and Kanye spoke. When you have a situation like we had, you know, it's emotional, it's tempers flying, it's a lot of people chiming in. You know what I'm saying? Whether you're referring to the bloggers, the fans, supporters on either side -- unfortunately when you see war, you see division. You know what I'm saying? It got to the point where I was just like, 'I'm gonna hit son one time and one time only and see where you're at with this. Is it going to be all the way turnt up.'"
"So we spoke, well, I hit him and he hit me back with one of those all caps tirades. It was an e-mail," Cons continued. "He was pissed and rightfully so and I was pissed and that's why things happened the way they happened but like I said, he spoke his piece, I spoke my piece. He told me he loved me. The feud is over with Kanye. Is the feud over with other people? See me in the streets."


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