Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, Trey Songz and Ciara 'Get Schooled'

Entertainers Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, Trey Songz and Ciara all helped launch the Get Schooled Foundation's "Wake Up and Get Schooled" campaign this week. Celebrities record phone calls that will be played for young students in the mornings that encourage them to start their day and get to school.
“The pre-recorded messages, running throughout the school year until June 2012, stress the importance of getting up and going to school every day," according to Executive Director Marie Groark. "Studies show that students with more than 10 absences in a school year risk falling behind. Students with more than 20 absences have only a one-in-five chance of graduating.”
“One of the key factors in students graduating and succeeding in their educational goals is merely getting them to campus in the first place," Executive Director Marie Groark, of the Get Schooled Foundation. "By using the power of celebrity and persuasion, we are encouraging students to wake up and get schooled!”


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