Papoose Misses Remy Ma

There's nothing like thug love. Papoose is still loyal and in love with his incarcerated wifey, fellow rapper Remy Ma. Papoose talked about how difficult it has been dealing with the fact that his woman is locked down, a gender reversal for what typical goes on in hip hop.
"Definitely, it's hard. But how we got our life constructed is as if she's there, even though she's not there. Basically, my phone line is open 24 hours a day. Just like a regular family would function, I don't make decisions that would concern our family without her," Pap explains. "She's involved in everything in our household. Even though she's incarcerated, she's only 40 minutes away. I take the kids to visit her, and like I said, I don't make any decisions that concern my life, her life or our kids' lives without her."
"Even though she's behind that wall, we still live our life like that wall don't exist," he says. "I got my closet behind the wall on one side, and her closet is on the other side, as if she's still there. All her sh*t is hung up nice and neat. There's certain times I gotta do things without her. There's definitely times when the kids need a woman's opinion more than mine."


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