Beyonce Following Daddy's Example?

While Beyonce is taking it easy on the singing and dancing while she's preggers, the superstar is looking to expand her repertoire as a businesswoman and--a labelhead? Bey says that she could be taking a page out of her father, Matthew Knowles' playbook and begin shepherding new acts.
"I am starting my company, my label," Beyonce says. "I want to create a boy band. I want to continue to produce and do documentaries and music videos. I eventually want to start directing for other artists. Once I know that I have my stuff together and I trust that, I can do it for other artists. I see so many male artists building these empires and passing their knowledge on to other artists and development. I see myself doing the same thing and hopefully other younger artists when they grow up and they have been around for 15, 20 years, they can do the same thing."


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