9th Wonder Grateful To Jay-Z

Superproducer 9th Wonder revealed in a recent interview that he is still grateful for Jay-Z working with him on the acclaimed Black Album back in 2003. Wonder says that Jay saying his name on the track "Threat" was a huge boost to his career.
"A tear ran down my face," he says with a laugh. "Aint gon lie. Because, he said my name on the track and I had been working so hard for a moment like that not knowing the moment was gonna come from him. It was a sense of relief to finally know I made some kind of a mark. Not that I didn't make a mark with Little Brother, that I did, but you know, on that particular level I made a mark. He said my name on the track and he put my track between Timbaland's and Eminem's on the album."
"My career can end tomorrow but nobody can take that away from me," he added. " I was on one of the top three Jay-Z albums ever."


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