David Banner Wants Unity?

David Banner is a rapper always willing to voice his opinion on current events. When asked about the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests, the Mississippi native said that he thinks hip hop has gotten these types of events wrong. He says that young people can't afford to separate themselves any longer.
"One of my only criticisms of hip-hop right now is that we all -- like everybody -- we can't separate ourselves," he explained in an interview. "All of us have become so corporate that people don't even feel like we're a part of the people, especially rappers and punk rockers. People always felt like we were them. We were their voice."
"When their children are out there is when it becomes a movement," he added. "And I used to fight that and be mad at that, but what we got to understand is, in every movement, even in the '60s, young, white, middle-class people were a major part of the movement. We have to stop separating ourselves."


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