Ol' Dirty Bastard Stole Rhymes?

Wu-Tang Clan star Method Man has revealed a little-known fact about the Clan's heyday, and one of its most beloved members. According to Meth, Ol' Dirty Bastard got a lot of help on his rhymes for his 1995 debut release Return To the 36 Chambers.
“The majority of the verses on that album are old RZA rhymes and GZA rhymes,” he said. “’Approach the school, 9:30, you’re late,’ that’s RZA’s sh*t. I heard that sh*t when I was 14 years old. That whole, ‘Easy on my b*lls, they’re fragile as eggs,’ ni***s said that in a rap battle in f**king 1989."
“Dirty took all their sh*t and made it his own and GZA ain’t say sh*t,” he continued. “Most of [Dirty’s verses] was GZA’s sh*t. I remember GZA and ODB got in an argument one night and GZA was like, ‘N***a most of that sh*t you say on your f**king album is mines anyway!”


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