Dr. Dre Is Limiting His Time?

Legendary hip hop producer Dr. Dre is saying that he's never going to walk away from music--no matter how long it takes Detox to come out. But Dre also says that going forward, he will be limiting his production work to newcomers. He says youngsters Kendrick Lamar and Slim the Mobster are his focus right now.
"I am never going to give music up," he said. "Music is like air to me, [music] is like oxygen, so I am always doing that. As soon as I get back to Los Angeles, I am back in the studio doing my thing. I have a couple of new artists that I am excited about, Kendrick Lamar and Slim The Mobster. These are the next two artists, and these are probably my final two artists that I am going to be working with at least for the next couple of years."
"I am going to devote all my attention to them and make sure their sh*t comes out the way it should be," he added. "I am just having fun with life right now!"


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