Fantasia's Mahalia Biopic Halted?

Remember when Fantasia was supposedly set to play Mahalia Jackson in a biopic? Well, it looks like the late gospel singer's movie was never a guaranteed thing, and Fanny may look like an ass (no pun intended) for gaining all of that weight for nothing.
Fantasia says that the producers called back in January and told her that the financing had fallen through.
"I was a little disappointed when they called and said that but I still watched a lot of her DVDs, listened to a lot of her music, and I was still gaining the weight because I was believing that God was going to bring this back around and we would still be able to do this movie because a lot of people needed to know about this great woman," Fantasia told Wendy Williams. "I’ve never heard anything from them.”
“There were no contracts signed and there was no set date so when this came out I jumped up in my bed and said, ‘I hope this didn’t come from my producer,’ because again there’s no black and white, there’s nothing in black and white," she says of the notification. "We waited on them, they said the money didn’t come through. So I was a little pissed off because I wanted to make the family proud, and most of all I wanted to make Mahalia Jackson proud.”


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