Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Monica's Marital Bliss

R&B star Monica shared some of her domestic routine in a recent interview. The singer says that she is quite happy being a wife to NBA player Shannon Brown, and prides herself on being a 'traditional wife.' She shared that she loves cooking for her man.
"I cook for him. He can cook, but I don’t think he should have to. I’m a traditional wife in every since. I like the fact that he cleans his plate. That’s a southern thing. I’m from Georgia. When we grew up, our uncles finished off your plate and theirs, you know. I love the fact that he likes to talk to me while I cook. It’s not like I have these lonely hours where I’m in the kitchen. We talk while I’m cooking and he’ll ask for things a particular way. He’s a big fan of garlic and different seasonings so I had to learn to use the ones that he likes. I like it because it’s just another chance for us to communicate and to talk about what’s happened in our day. We talk about what practice was like or what my day was like."
So cute to see young black people in love. Go head, Mrs. Thang!

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Cartierkiwi said...

Seeing monica happy is a beautiful thing keep it up hubby

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