Flo Rida On Australian Controversy

Flo Rida On Australian Controversy
Rapper Flo Rida has addressed reports of controversial incidents stemming from his recent appearances in Australia. Flo canceled a performance in Melbourne earlier this week after a dispute with promoters and yesterday (October 24) it was reported that his personal assistant was arrested after the rapper's hotel room was raided and drug paraphernalia was discovered.
“I didn’t run to the media to discuss a business issue with my tour because I didn’t think that was the appropriate way to handle things,” Flo Rida explained to AllHipHop. “Now I’m forced to, because the things that are being said about me are not true.”
He says that his room was not raided.
“I am not a smoker and as a matter of fact, contrary to reports my room was never raided,” Flo Rida says.


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