Freddie Gibbs On 2Pac Comparisons

Freddie Gibbs has built a reputation for being an outspoken rapper with controversial opinions. Some have even compared the young rhymer to the late 2Pac for his brashness, but Gibbs downplayed the similarities. He did acknowledge that he appreciates being spoken of in that vein, however.
But he's not out to irritate people for no reason.
"It's whatever ... to me that's love. I'm definitely not one to go off and offend muthaf*ckas for no reason, but I just say what I wanna say," Freddie explained. "It's all outta good fun so it's best to just be cool with me cause n*ggas don't wanna shoot that fair one. None of these muthaf*ckas gonna say a d*mn thing to me, man. It be alotta talk on Twitter and behind closed doors, though."


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