Teedra Moses On Maybach Music

Maybach Music's Teedra Moses admitted that sometimes she feels out of place amongst the other talents on Rick Ross' imprint's roster. She's a soul singer and a female and typically surrounded by male rappers. She says that alone keeps her in a different lane.
"I'm a girl, so therefore I'm not always in the mix of what they're doing and I'm a singer," Moses says. "They always travel in the same circle whereas my hustle is in a different room. I hope it doesn't bother him that I stick to myself, but I don't think so...Sometimes I feel like I'm off to the side, but I don't think they think much of it cause I'm not the only girl, there's also Audra [The Rapper]."
"I'm going to be in New York in a few weeks and it's going to be the first time that me and Audra first meet each other, so we're trying to make our conglomerate cause we're the only two girls," she adds. "And I know that Meek, Wale, Pill and Ross are really close. Being that I don't have a penis, it's really hard for me to be all up in that."


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