Ice Cube On Al Davis

Rapper/actor Ice Cube shared his thoughts on the passing of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. Cube's former group N.W.A. had strong ties to the Raiders when they were in Los Angeles--becoming reknowned for wearing the team's gear.
"The Raiders were a rowdy bunch way before NWA," Ice Cube told NFL Network. "You know, what they showed to us was that you can be yourself and you can still win. You don't have to conform always to the mainstream or to the status quo. You can come out be yourself, own it and you can win."
"I'm pretty sure his bank account loved it," Cube added with a laugh. "We were great fans and we wore the logo well and the Raiders were winning on the field, and (it was) a beautiful thing. I think to this day we all benefitted a lot off of each other when it comes to that Raiders' image."


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