Lil Wayne Idolized 2Pac

Lil Wayne discussed his love for tattoos in a recent interview. Weezy admitted that his initial tat fixation came from idolizing 2Pac as a youngster.
"I have no problem with people going and getting a billion tattoos," Weezy said in a video. "But why are you doing it? I know my first tattoo I got, I got because my dad died. I was 14 years old and I knew, not for nothing, God forgive me, I did want to represent my dad in a way but I knew that, 'Man, I could get my first tattoo at 14 if I asked my mom, 'Can I go get my dad's name?' She's not gonna be against that.'"
"The next tattoo that I got said 'Original Hot Boy' with a star," he continued. "Then I went and got my tat across my stomach 'cause I wanted to be like Tupac. I got my [stomach] tattoo because I wanted to be like Tupac and at the time, I would tell the tattoo dude that's why I was getting it."


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