Luke Isn't Backing Down

Luther "Luke" Campbell is not backing off his decree to superstar rappers like Diddy and Lil Wayne. The Miami bass pioneer and former 2 Live Crew frontman blasted his fellow hip hop stars for coming to his city to party and blow money but don't invest in the community in any way.
In an interview with DJ Khaled, Luke continued his criticisms.
"I look at you and I look at myself, just like I look at [Pitbull], Trick [Daddy] and all those guys, I've been a part of their lives," Luke told DJ Khaled. "You, unfortunately, you have a special thing. You're bringing a lot of guys down here. A lot of guys are coming here, moving here because you showing love -- but when you come down here to live and don't do anything for the community, that becomes a problem...Anybody that's coming here, plan on moving here, whether its Puff Daddy, Lil' Wayne, or whoever it may be, they need to understand that. They need to understand if you gonna be part of this community you got to be fully part of the community. You can't just come here. You don't need to be here just sitting here squatting, eating our food and partying. Do something in the community."


Anonymous said…
soooooooooo trueeeeeeeee Luke!!

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