Taraji On Tyrese

Taraji P. Henson discussed her life and career in the upcoming issue of YRB Magazine. In the article, Taraji was asked about her Baby Boy co-star and frequent collaborator Tyrese. She laughed off any suggestion that the two would ever become an item.
“He’s like my brother, for real. That would just seem really weird for the two of us to suddenly get together,” Taraji said of her relationship with Tyrese. She also said that she's happily single at the moment. “I’m not looking right now, but I would like a man that knows how to be a man and not be a boy pretending to be a man. I need a guy that’s not enthralled by what I do."
"I want someone to fall in love with, not Taraji the actress, but Taraji the person,” she says.


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