Lupe Fiasco Dismisses 50 Cent Diss

Lupe Fiasco took the high road when he was asked about 50 Cent's recent jab. Fiddy made a reference to Fiasco's 2006 hit "Kick, Push" in a new song, clowning the song's skateboarder theme. But Lupe isn't taking the bait.
Lupe just seemed to shrug it off.
"That's fine, 50's a good guy," Fiasco said when asked for his reaction. "I got a chance to peform with him and tour with him for a little bit. You know? I don't really look at it as a diss. I just look at it as I got fans in high places I guess. So, [laughs], it's all fine with me. I'm not really tripping...[Lyrical battles?] I always keep that in the chamber. They know what's up. At the end of the day, they know what's up. We'll just leave it at that. But, that's negativity. We going back to the positive."


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