Meek Mill Show Brings Out An Extra 2000

Rapper Meek Mill gave a show in Danbury, Connecticut over the weekend that wound up having several police from at least five different departments called in to disburse the throngs of fans that attended. Reportedly thousands of people turned out to see the rapper at Club Lush, which is a venue that only holds about 600.
The crowd became unruly due to Meek being several hours late.
“There was a huge crowd there to hear a hot performer,” Mayor Mark Boughton told the Stamford Advocate. “From my understanding, he was really late. This was a very popular entertainer who belongs in a venue that can accommodate 2,000 or 3,000 people, not 600. Throw in alcohol and that age group…”
Arrests were made and several people were injured.
“Wen people do s**t for da hood dey wanna call the news for publicity. We just put in da work on da low,” Meek Mill tweeted today.


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