Nas Almost Quit?

Nas Almost Quit?
Nas revealed in a recent interview that he considered quitting hip hop when his daughter was born. Now, she's seventeen and the Queens rapper is one of the longest-tenured emcees in the game; and he still finds it hard to believe that he stuck around.
He say she always envisioned having to explain his 'past' as a rapper to her.
"It's crazy, because when she was young, she was a baby, I thought, Aw, man, I'm gonna quit this rap sh*t before she becomes old enough to even know what I'm doing, what I did for a living. I never thought that I'd be still doing it while she's a teen, growing up. And I'm still in the game. It kind of f*cks me up," Nas explained. "It's weird as f*ck sometimes. But then, other times, it's, like, perfect. It's, like, I'm glad it worked out this way. 'Cause then I would have to be telling her, 'No, I really was a somebody in rap. Like, you got to believe me!'"


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