Papoose On Being 'King of NY:'

Papoose ruffled some feathers and raised more eyebrows when he announced himself "King of New York" last week. Some hip hop fans reacted with a mix of indifference and confusion, but Pap seems committed to crowning himself the supreme rapper in hip hop's birthplace.
Even if most people would passionately disagree.
"The reason I chose that title is because I am the king of New York," the Brooklyn MC told Mixtape Daily. "It feels good to be the king of New York so I just wanted to celebrate myself being the king of New York, so I figured I'd make it a self-titled mixtape...It's just basically breaking down some of the reasons of why I'm the king of New York. The reaction was both-sided, but it was a little bit more to the good side. A lot of my supporters, a lot of my fans reached out. And a lot of my haters reached out who disagree that I'm the king and I just let them know that I intend on proving it."


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