Amber Rose Responds To Kanye

Amber Rose responded to reports that Kanye West gave her a subliminal shout-out during his Philadelphia show on the "Watch the Throne" tour. Amber seemed surprised by West's words, but had nothing but positivity for her superstar ex-boyfriend.
"I think he's right. I think that, if you love someone, you should hold onto them and you should treat them...right," she said. "Sometimes you learn a little bit too late. Yeah, sometimes you learn too late. You sit down and you analyze yourself and you think about things that you've done and you realize things about yourself. That's kinda what I got from it."
"I think people expect me to hate Kanye or for him to hate me. Because you guys don't see us out and we're not friends and we don't hang out. But I don't hate him. I want the best for him," she continued. "I want him to find a beautiful girlfriend and I want him to treat her like a queen. I want him to find happiness because i found happiness. I'm so happy right now. I don't dwell on the past and what happened in our relationship. Sh*t happens. You keep moving and you don't hold grudges."


Anonymous said…
Good for her being ugly gets you no where in life!

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