Amy Winehouse's Archives Near-Empty?

Producer Salaam Remi has clarified the status of any anticipated posthumous Amy Winehouse recordings. The producer says that, while there is definitely unreleased music in the vaults, the late soul singer was not extremely prolific. So there won't be a flood of new material.
"She didn't record like 2Pac, so that's not the case," Remi told MTV News of Winehouse. "There are definitely things that people hadn't heard that have been recorded, but they're in different modes in different forms. But she wasn't a recorder like that. ... She'd just do one take of a song, she'd write it and then she'd go sing it. Back to Black was a short album in comparison; it was like 37 minutes -- [She was like,] 'This is what I'm writing, this is what you get, underline, bye.' ... It's not that type of [2Pac] recording process, but there are definitely a lot of things that people haven't heard before or weren't aware of."


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