Syleena Johnson Loves Eminem?

R&B diva Syleena Johnson is more of a hip hop head than fans realize. The singer revealed in a recent interview that one of her favorite rappers is Eminem and one of her favorite albums is hisMarshall Mathers LP. Johnson says that Em's skills speak for themselves.
She listed several of her favorites, but shared why she adores the superstar from Detroit.
"He's one of the coldest rappers. EVER," Johnson told SOHH. "It's not just because he's white and he's commercial. He's absolutely one of the coldest emcees that I ever heard. A lot of people like to get into the deep and conscious rappers. Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Nas, Jay-Z might get real deep on you, and that's my boy, I like Jay-Z, but Eminem? He can do all of those elements and he can entertain you at the same time. He can be fun, funny, deep, he's cold. He can do all of those things."


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