Billy Danze Praises Slaughterhouse

M.O.P.'s Billy Danze had nothing but praise for Shady Records collective Slaughterhouse. Danze says that the majority of current hip hop sounds uninspired to him, but he loves the crew of wordsmiths on Eminem's imprint.
He says they're the only hip hop that gets him motivated.
"I wish I could find a rapper that makes me wanna rap. If I don't listen to Slaughterhouse, then I really don't wanna hear nobody rap. You know what, I watched Crooked-I freestyle on YouTube ... I had no idea who the dude was and he slaughtered it dude. Joe Budden was on a radio show one time and I actually called up and apologized to Joe because I had no clue that he was that dope. That dude go hard, and if you're thinkin' about gunnin' at Joe Budden on the mic you better have your bars up 'cause he serious about it. That whole Slaughterhouse team is serious, dude."


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