Maino & Olivia Address Photos

When photos of what appear to be rappers Maino and Olivia locked in a passionate kiss hit the Internet, the hip hop stars fans immediately began asking questions about a possible romance between the two. For his part, Maino jumped on Twitter to make jokes about the buzz.
"2 words: Publicity Stunt!!!," he tweeted November 2nd. "F*ck outta here!!! That aint me in those pics, it was @unclemurda!!! Foreal! Lol"
"I was framed!!!! Haaaaaaaaa!!!" he continued. "Ok, listen I'm going to admit this to all my people and come clean once and for all I am in a very serious relationship. Do yall wanna know who?"
"I am currently in love and dating the girl from "Precious", yes its true. I like'em THICK," joked Maino. "So please respect my Love Life. Lol."
But Olivia says the images are just old.
"Sorry to burst yall bubble this morning but those are old memories. #Asyouwere," Olivia tweeted. "Only person I'm with is @TK_Kinsey !!!!! They tried to burst my happy bubble this morn #aintgonnahappen."


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