Chelsea Handler Probes Drake

Drake was grilled by talk show host Chelsea Handler during a recent appearance on Handler's hit late night show "Chelsea Lately." The Young Money rapper was asked about his relationship with labelmate Nicki Minaj.
"Oh yeah, what's the deal with you and Nicki?" Handler asked. "Like in penetration context? Am I being confusing?"
Drake laughed nervously as Chelsea continued to go 'there.' "Didn't you guys--there's rumors that you guys were..." Handler said. "You were hitting that, right?"
"Really? Is that a rumor?" Drake said. "Ah, no, I'm a huge Nicki Minaj fan."
"I'll take that as a confirmation," Chelsea replied. "I like her a lot too. She's great. I'm very happy about both of your success. Not that that really matters to you but I think you're very talented as does everyone and Nicki as well. So if you guys end up together, I can support that."


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
^^To Funny Cause You ALSO Posted Anonymously ASSHOLE/BITCH!!! LOL
Anonymous said…
Yeah oops I mean Drakes still a bitch.
Anonymous said…
I love shopping bag drizzy!!! I think that they are human just like we are. Their personal lives are their business
Soooo mind Ur mutha effin business itch! 2+2 not knowing Wat the uck it iz itch!!! Lol
Njoy ppl!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Still the best

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