Slim Thug's Getting Healthier

Rapper Slim Thug discussed his new, healthier outlook in a recent interview. The Texas rapper becomes the latest rhymer from the Lone Star state to focus on slimming down. Both Paul Wall and Mike Jones have shed pounds in recent years.
"With the weight sh*t, I was going to the doctor and I used to be on 5 mg of blood pressure pills. Then they upped my sh*t to 10 mg, or maybe higher than that, I don't remember, they upped my sh*t and was saying my sh*t was real high," Slim explained. "So I was like, 'How do I get off this sh*t?' I don't want to take no pills for the rest of my life, and they were like, 'Well, you got to lose weight. That might help, and change your diet.' And I did that. It still ain't f*cking helped."
"I'm still taking the pills but I got used to it, working out, running," he added. "We run. I do some sh*t called Fun Fitness. I invited everyone out to come run three miles. We usually get 30 people out there. ... [Paul and Mike losing weight?] Yeah, that's a coincidence like a muthaf*cker. I know Paul had to get the Lypo sh*t [surgery] or whatever, but I haven't even seen Mike, honestly. I don't know, I can't even speak for him. I ain't even really seen him so I don't know if he works out as much as me or what."


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