Game Clowns Matt Barnes?

While the reality TV world is buzzing over the split between "Basketball Wives" star Gloria Govan and Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes, rapper Game has decided to throw his own two cents into the mix.
No one asked him, but Game tweeted his take on their fractured relationship.
I'm sittin here watchin' Basketball Wives like ugh, them is basketball wives?" he tweeted. "Only cute one, Gloria, that's my n*gga Matt Barnes chick can't swim in that pool fool, that's a crucial conflict. Never sleep with the wife of n***as you eat with."


Anonymous said…
I don't think he was clowning. I believe that tweet is from "Red Nation" off his R.E.D. album. It probably just seemed relevant.
Anonymous said…
no, it's lyrics from "Good girls gone bad". Which is on the R.E.D. album, which means it was written some time ago. Nothing new to see here... slow news day.
Anonymous said…
He's not clowning.. He just said Gloria's the only cute one but would never touch her because that's his homies girl... That's why u tweet in the 1st place, duh!

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