Gangsta Boo On Three Six Mafia:

Gangsta Boo shared her enthusiasm for having worked with Eminem and Yelawolf on Wolf's track "Throw It Up." The Memphis rapper says that she enjoyed collaborating with the Shady stars.
"There's a song I got on Yelawolf's new album featuring me and Eminem," she says. "I'm on the chorus. I wrote the chorus. I wrote my verse. Eminem shouted me out in his verse. I just think it's a dope ass song, a dope ass collaboration."
Gangsta Boo also discussed her history with Three Six Mafia, both the good and bad.
"I went to school with DJ Paul. He saw me rapping in a talent show...Everybody liked me. Paul kept asking me to be on more and more projects that led to me being in the group," she noted. "I was sixteen. I was young. It was fun. A lot of the sound you hear now is the sound that we created."
"I would have kept my publishing," she says. "I would have not mixed business with pleasure...It was more on some Biggie and Kim type sh*t [with DJ Paul]. That and before I had left the group, I would have advised Gangsta Boo to ride the wave a little more. But, I'm still here."


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