Diddy Addresses Bad Boy Criticism

Sean "Diddy" Combs' success as a hip hop mogul is well-documented. Also just as well-known is Comb's Bad Boy label's numerous artists who's careers haven't experienced long-term success. Diddy addressed those who say Bad Boy exploits artists for short gain; countering that numerous artist he's had experienced their highest success with him.
"I realized that the level of propaganda was at such an all-time high on the negative side that they were really trying to stop me by any means necessary by spewing out negative venom about any of my practices or any of my get downs," Diddy told Funkmaster Flex. "But my actions and my legacy speaks for itself. Whenever an artist was signed to me, they always did better with me than any other place they felt they wanted to go where the grass was greener. I've always had a saying that if you don't want to be with Bad Boy, I'll let you out. The life expectancy of this game, this is a real grown-up game, and because people have known and grown-up with the label, they'll ask questions like, 'Where is this artist? Where is that artist?' But they don't ask any other labels that question. None of the artists on Def Jam [from years ago] are still on Def Jam. ... There's not even a Roc-A-Fella anymore or Ruff Ryders or whatever it is. We've stood the test of time and when an artist was signed with us, they had their most earnings and the most success they've ever had."


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