Young Jeezy Ending "Thug Motivation"

Young Jeezy recently revealed that his upcoming album Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambitionwill be the last in his Thug Motivation album series. The albums began with his debutLet's Get It: Thug Motivation 101back in 2005 and he feels things have run their course.
"I think this is the last one [of theThug Motivation series]," he explained. "That's why I put it together the way I did, you know. It's on to the next chapter, the next phase. We did TM 101, which was [the first] Thug Motivation, [sold] 2 milli, changed the game a lil' bit. I like to call it a classic. Just a lil' bit though...[then] we did The Inspiration. I didn't call it [TM] 102, but I think everybody in the streets called it 102 so I had to kind of ride with that. And then of course The Recession, shout out to Barack Obama, so now we're back to motivating the thugs...[for] 2012, I just wanted to be there for my people."
Jeezy also spoke about his documentary.
"[With my documentary], I kind of wanted to take people in my world. I've been pretty much a private person, but I wanted people to kinda see some of the things I went through, my adversity, my trials, my hurdles," he explained. "The documentary's crazy, Samuel L. Jackson narrated it, so if there's anything you wanted to know about me, it's pretty much [spans] from the day I was born until now."


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