Drake's Producer Disses Common?

Drake's producer and longtime friend, Noah "40" Shebib, has come to the Toronto rapper's defense in his ongoing (and, up to this point, one-sided) feud with Common. 40 took to Twitter to share how Common's music played a role in 40's childhood--and not exactly a positive one.
The producer sarcastically recalled being mocked for listening to the Chicago rapper.
"@common, I remember being called a b*tch in grade 9 cause I had your cd. Good thing I also had 456 by kool g rap on me. Now that's real ;)," he tweeted. "After [1997's] "one day it'll all make sense" came out I spent months arguing weather or not @common was hip hop. Everyone was saying it was too rnb."
"I'm not dissing, just facts. I love common. I also love swv and John b," he added.
Rapper Q-Tip came to Common's defense, and 40 'clarified' his position. "@QtipTheAbstract, never! Common is in my top 5 always has been," 40 tweeted. "Hes also been brave enough to be different. I respect that as well. #irony"


Anonymous said…
This producer's confusion in how to use a homophone correctly "spent months arguing weather or not" (it's whether and not weather) explains a lot about lack of literacy.
Anonymous said…
He pussed out when Qtip was going to tear into his ass just like drake

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