Maliah Michele ISN'T With Sean Kingston?

Despite the fact that singer Sean Kingston 'confirmed' that he was dating Drake's ex jumpoff, Maliah Michel; the model herself seems to be taking things slow. Maliah says that Kingston is 'cool' and that she's tired of addressing constant dating rumors.
"Sean is really a cool guy! Actually the first time we ever hung out was for the AMA's. He called me and asked me to be his date and I was like, 'Wow, okay, cool,'" she says. "I was really shocked and ever since then we've just been cool. He's great."
"It really bothers me that all the blogs are like 'Is he hitting that?' and it's like 'Gosh, can we get to know each other?'" she adds. "Seriously, are people really just jumping up and screwing without nothing? I really feel like I need to know the person that I'm dealing with and that takes time."
But when she was asked if she could see Kingston 'hitting that,' her response was less-than-enthusiastic.
"Ummm... a little," she said. "I really appreciate that he tries and goes out of his way for me. He's not ashamed of me and I love that. So you never know."


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