Kelly Rowland Is Bossy?

Kelly Rowland seems like a sweetheart, but a being a superstar singer can lead to relationship problems. Namely, Ms. Rowland says that she can be a control freak. Kelly says that her 'bossiness' has gotten on some of her significant others' nerves and is a good indicator of why she's not with anybody.
"The desire to be in control and decide everything myself as much as possible gets in the way," Rowland says. "The fact that I can act a little bossy has ruined quite a few dates. I choose the restaurant, I open the door myself, sometimes I’ll even pay the bill. I really have to learn to let a man be a gentleman.That’s probably one of the reasons why I’m single. I get in the way of myself when it comes to men."


denise payne said…
Me too kelly. Let go, and let GOD........ Your time is coming

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