Roots Album Could Become A Play, Film

The Roots released their new album undun to much critical acclaim, and the hip hop band has announced that they could be pushing the project a step further. Frontman Black Thought revealed that hte group hopes that the concept album about the life of fictional hustler Redford Stephens could be turned into a film or play.
“It's definitely a set-up for there to be something cinematic or theatrical," he said. "It could be a play or a full-length feature or a short or an iPad app that's more involved than the one that accompanies this record. The idea that those possibilities exist are why we approached (undun) that way; we want there to be an option for the music to be able to live on if we choose to take it there."
"It's been discussed amongst ourselves," he said, "but no one has approached us to say, 'Why don't you do this to further develop this character?' But the backstory that's told and the whole mockumentary thing set it up to be a possibility."


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